About Us

The primary purpose of the MIBTF is to educate key individuals and groups within the United States Government as to the status of the U.S. munitions industry and to recommend actions when necessary to preserve key capabilities for U.S. national security. Accordingly, membership in the Task Force is limited to U.S. companies having production facilities in the United States.

Some representative information about the Task Force and its activities follows. The Task Force accomplishes its yearly objectives thru:

  • Board of Directors: Comprised of member company Presidents or senior Executives. Meets once or twice each year. Provides oversight direction to the Task Force.
  • Executive Board of Directors: Comprised of six member company Presidents who are elected by the full Board. Meets monthly but not in months when a full Board meeting is scheduled. Provides more timely decisions / direction to Task Force efforts than is possible with the full Board of Directors.
  • D.C. Executives Committee: Comprised principally of local company reps, but includes some out-of-town reps from those companies without local reps. Meets as required (at least monthly). Provides company input to Task Force efforts and provides local oversight of Task Force efforts.
  • Congressional Relations Committee: Comprised of local company Congressional staff. Meets as required (at least monthly). Develops and helps execute the Task Force Congressional Strategy.
    NOTE: The Board of Directors approved a proposal to combine the meetings of the Congressional and D.C. Executives Committees to save company and Task Force members’ time.
  • International Sales Committee: Comprised of member company international sales reps. Meets as required (at least monthly). Identifies issues in the
    international sales process, identifies remedies, and assists Task Force efforts to resolve issues.
  • Task Force Staff and Consultants: The Task Force Administrative Assistant and the Director of Operations are the only full-time staff. We presently have four consultants and a corporate counsel; this will vary according to the objectives decided upon by the Board of Directors.

Full Task Force members may participate in each of these except the Executive Board of Directors, since that is an elected position. They receive all information obtained by the Task Force as well as participate in the formulation of its strategies and objectives.

A key point regarding our overall activities is that the Task Force, as an entity, does not advocate any issue on behalf of a company but rather on behalf of the overall base. However, we provide information that can benefit company parochial activities. Further, where the Task Force and company interests coincide, we will also advocate an issue. We are comprised of intense competitors who have created a legal forum for focusing their individual resources on common problems that threaten their existence. In the process we have become a credible voice for our industry both in DOD and the Congress.

We’ve been very successful in our efforts thus far, but the cost to our member companies over twenty years has totaled over six million dollars. Since contributions to the Task Force are pro-rated according to member company revenues, the larger companies pay the most; smaller firms can, therefore, afford to participate and have a voice in the direction of our group.

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