Congressional Relations Committee/DC Executive Committee:

The CRC/DCEC comprises senior defense and munitions base professionals from our member companies. The committees were combined to maximize cross-communication and insure information consistency. The committee keeps our members abreast of the funding trends, issues, and challenges of the industry-wide munitions industrial base (both organic and commercial) by staying in touch with Congressional members and their staffs and key decision-makers in DOD’s ammunition enterprise. As such, it functions as a conduit for information flowing between Capitol Hill, DOD, industry associations, and our members. CRC/DCEC members provide company input and local oversight to Task Force efforts.

Meetings are held in the MIBTF office in Arlington, VA on the second Tuesday of each month to update members on matters of common interest, develop strategies and initiatives for base preservation and readiness, and determine go-forward actions. Members from remote locations can participate in our meetings by teleconference.