Why We Want You To Join:

  • Broaden our representation of the industry
  • Broaden our political footprint
  • Improve the quality of our recommendations

Why You Should Consider Joining:

  • Help preserve your munitions critical skills and capabilities
  • Have a voice in the future of the U.S. munitions business
  • Influence munitions-related budgets, policies, export practices

What The MIBTF Would Expect Of You:

  • Critique our goals, objectives, plans
  • Tell us what your critical skills and capabilities are, and what programs must be funded to preserve them
  • Advocate those programs, as part of the MIBTF package, to decision makers in DOD and the Congress with whom you have leverage

What You Will Get From The MIBTF:

  • Credibility: The MIBTF has become a highly respected spokesman for the munitions industry in DOD and on the Hill
  • A proven track record in obtaining funding and legislation to ensure a viable U.S. munitions industry
  • Professional, compelling briefing material
  • Timely data on plans and programs

What It Will Cost You:

  • Full (voting) membership: small percent of munitions revenue; minimum of $5,000.
  • Associate Membership (receiving all MIBTF mailings and briefing material): $2,500 [Only available to those companies whose gross revenue is smaller than that required to support a $5,000 contribution at the designated percentage.]

Contact us at: for more information on how to join the Munitions Industrial Base Task Force.

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